Welfare Fund

Perak Community Specialist Hospital, a not-for-profit charitable institution, has endured and provided more than 100 years of service to the Perak Community and this is testimony to its continuing relevance and the foresight of its founders in identifying an important community need.

In fulfilling its objective of providing affordable quality healthcare, the management team of Perak Community Specialist Hospital has initiated a PCSH Welfare Fund to subsidize medical care to the underprivileged patients who fulfill the criteria as below.

Criteria for application:

  1. Total household income of an applicant should not be more than RM 3,000.00 per month.
  2. Total household income higher than RM 3,000.00 per month will be considered on case to case basis.
  3. For Malaysian and Non-Malaysian citizens (spouse must be Malaysian).
  4. Applicant/Parents/Guardian must be able to provide documents for a complete application.   

a.    Application Form must be filled up
b.    Duplicate copy of NRIC or Birth Certificate of:
Applicant, Spouse / Parents / Children / Guardian
c.    Duplicate copies of latest 3 months’ salary slip or EPF Statement of:
Applicant, Spouse / Parents / Children / Guardian
d.    Duplicate copies of latest 3 months’ Bank Account Statement of:
Applicant, Spouse / Parents / Children / Guardian
e.    Duplicate copy of latest water & electric bill
f.     2 Photos of Applicant (half and full body)
g.    2 Photos of House (front view and living room)

­­­­­Criteria for treatment:

  1. Patients who have been admitted to the hospital are NOT eligible to apply for the welfare fund.
  2. Does not include any other medical condition that the individual is born with or caused by any other external factors not related to the actual treatment.
  3. An operation / treatment / procedure must be provided by PERAK COMMUNITY SPECIALIST HOSPITAL ONLY.
  4. Any special or emergency cases will be taken into consideration and prior to availability of services and facilities.
  5. Total bill estimation given based on treatment plan by accepting consultant, for hospital charges, consultant’s professional fees and ancillary services.
  6. Up to a maximum to 50% discount for follow-ups related to the primary treatment on medication and other procedures from hospital ONLY within 3 months after discharge; not inclusive of consultant fees and ancillary services.

For more information on applying for our PCSH Welfare Fund, kindly contact our Public Relations & Welfare Department at 05-241 9000 (Ext. 110) or email to kkwong@pcsh.com.my 

Monday - Friday

Saturday, Sunday & Public Holiday
08:30 AM - 05:00 PM